Primary Faculty

Steven Claypool

Professor with Secondary Appointment in Genetic Medicine; Director of Cellular and Molecular Physiology Graduate Program

Dax Fu

Associate Professor

William Guggino

Chair, Department of Physiology; Professor with Secondary Appointment in Pediatrics

Jennifer Pluznick

Associate Professor

Zhaozhu Qiu

Associate Professor with Secondary Appointment in Neuroscience

Rajini Rao


Shuying Sun

Associate Professor

G. William Wong

Professor with Secondary Appointment in The Center for Metabolism and Obesity Research

Secondary Faculty

Liudmila Cebotaru

Associate Professor, Director of the CF Gene Therapy Core

Valina Dawson Ph. D.

Professor, Primary Appointment in Neuroscience

Mark Donowitz MD

Professor, Primary Appointment in Gastroenterology

Paul Alexander Welling, M.D.

Professor of Medicine

Junior Faculty

Ann Lawler

Research Associate

Yu Wang

Research Associate

Jiaojiao Xu

Research Associate

Junhua Yang

Research Associate


Daniel Raben Ph. D.

Professor Emeritus, Primary Appointment in Biological Chemistry

Roger H. Reeves

Professor Emeritus