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The diverse scientific interests of our faculty, and the scope of our work attracts scientists from every corner of the globe, with a range of backgrounds and who all have a passion for the entire spectrum of biomedical sciences. This mix is why the Department of Physiology is an incredibly rich and rewarding environment to pursue our, and your, insatiable scientific interests.



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Member Directory

ClaypoolSteven ClaypoolProfessor with Secondary Appointment in Genetic Medicine; Director of Cellular and Molecular Physiology Graduate
FuDax FuAssociate
GugginoWilliam GugginoChair, Department of Physiology; Professor with Secondary Appointment in
PluznickJennifer PluznickAssociate
QiuZhaozhu QiuAssociate Professor with Secondary Appointment in
ReevesRoger H. ReevesProfessor
WongG. William WongProfessor with Secondary Appointment in The Center for Metabolism and Obesity
WoolfThomas B.
CebotaruLiudmila CebotaruAssociate Professor, Director of the CF Gene Therapy
DawsonValina Dawson Ph. D.Professor, Primary Appointment in
DonowitzMark Donowitz MDProfessor, Primary Appointment in
RabenDaniel Raben Ph. D.Professor Emeritus, Primary Appointment in Biological
SunShuying SunAssociate Professor
WellingPaul Alexander Welling, M.D.Professor of
GordonRavana GordonBudget
HeathLatanya HeathAdministrive
MillerMarsha MillerPhysiology Department
McLaughlinMadeline McLaughlinAcademic Program
AlstonVanessa AlstonLaboratory
LawlerAnn LawlerResearch
LiuYongqing LiuPostdoctoral
SenooNanami SenooPostdoctoral
WangYu WangResearch
XuJiaojiao XuResearch
YangJunhua YangResearch Associate
ChengYi Henry ChengCMP graduate
HernandezJessica HernandezCMP graduate
MooreBrittni MooreCMP graduate
SarverDylan SarverCMP graduate
WadeAlexa WadeBCMB graduate
YeYingzhi YeCMP graduate
RoyShubhrajit RoyPostdoctoral
ChenKevin ChenBCMB graduate
ChenLuoluo ChenCMP graduate
KuiMackenzie KuiCMP graduate
Ribas AndradeManuella Ribas AndradeCMP graduate
SullivanKatherine SullivanCMP graduate
XuCheng XuPostdoctoral
GuoZheng GuoPostdoctoral
KasinathanDevi KasinathanPostdoctoral
ZhuChengzhang (Nick) ZhuCMM PhD
KoylassNicholas KoylassXDBio PhD
IrwinZachary IrwinCMP PhD
MaMartin MaCMP PhD
PrimroseMackenzie PrimroseCMP PhD
SaqibMuzna SaqibCMP PhD
AmbrocioReina AmbrocioPREP
PatnayakRachana L. PatnayakResearch
ZhangZhe ZhangPostdoctoral
LiYini LiPostdoctoral
DongDaoyuan DongPostdoctoral
WrightNoelle WrightResearch Technologist
WuRong WuPostdoctoral
KlimovichCharlotte KlimovichResearch
MedcalfDelaney MedcalfPREP
WallyAra WallyCMP PhD Student, VTSI
RodriguezRebeca RodriguezCMP PhD
HuangYongxin HuangCMP PhD
MuirRachel MuirPostdoctoral
WangWeiren WangMS in Biotechnology,
ChincholkarGauri ChincholkarMS in Biotechnology,
EltanahyAhmed EltanahyPostdoctoral Fellow
AkbariHanan AkbariResearch
GuptaRuby GuptaPostdoctoral