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Department of Physiology


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Why Physiology?

Every modern branch of biomedical research has its physiological roots.

The Department of Physiology has a long-standing tradition of excellence. Our faculty, trainees, and staff seek to understand how the human body works from the head down to the toes and everything in between. Together, we exploit the range of available model systems to understand physiological processes at a mechanistic and integrated level in health with the explicit goal of understanding human disease and identifying potential therapeutics.

Department of Physiology

Fast Facts

1 st

Basic Science Department at Johns Hopkins

(est. 1893)


Current Trainees

15 Postdocs, 18 Graduate Students, 2 Post-Bacs


External Collaborations

143 National, 56 International


Research Faculty

11 Primary, 7 Secondary/Joint, 2 Research Associates