Michael Wolfgang

Research Interests

The Wolfgang laboratory studies the role and regulation of cellular and organismal metabolism.  The research in the Wolfgang laboratory utilizes biochemistry and molecular genetics to understand the molecular mechanisms used to sense and respond to nutritional/metabolic cues.  We are particularly interested in deciphering the roles of unexplored metabolic enzymes/pathways and determining novel roles of cannonical metabolic pathways in under-explored cells and tissues.



Junhua Yang


AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship


AHA Career Development Award

NARSAD Young Investigator Award

Research Interests

Electrophysiology and genetics.

Jiaojiao Xu

Awards and Honors

2021: 3rd place in basic science at National Kidney Foundation Young Investigators

Forum 2021, USA

2016: Hong Kong special administrative region government scholarship, Hong Kong

2014: Graduate scholarship, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

2013: Award in graduate medicine BBS, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

2008: National Motivational Scholarships, Hengyang Normal University, Hengyang, China

Research Interests

Uncovering the physiological role of GPCRs in the kidney



Yu Wang

Research Interests

My research focuses on investigating the role of copper homeostasis in regulation of glucose and lipid metabolic pathways in gut.


Google Scholar

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