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Guang William Wong

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Department AffiliationPrimary: Physiology
Secondary: Center for Metabolism and Obesity Research
RankAssociate Professor
Mailing Address855 N. Wolfe Street
Rangos 474
Baltimore, MD 21205
Guang William Wong Photo

Mechanisms governing metabolic homeostasis; function of adipose-and skeletal muscle-derived hormones; mechanisms of insulin resistance and type 2 Diabetes

Our lab seeks to understand mechanisms employ by cells and tissues to maintain metabolic homeostasis. We are currently addressing how adipose- and skeletal muscle-derived hormones (adipokines and myokines), discovered in our lab, regulate tissue crosstalk and signaling pathways to control energy metabolism. Transgenic and knockout mouse models, as well as cell culture systems, are used to address the role of CTRP family of hormones in physiological and disease states. We also aim to identify the receptors that mediate the biological functions of CTRPs. 

Multhaup ML, Seldin MM, Jaffe AE, Lei X, Kirchner H, Mondal P, Li Y, Rodriguez V, Drong A, Hussain M, Lindgren C, McCarthy M, Naslund E, Zierath J, Wong GW, Feinberg AP. (2015) Mouse-human experimental epigenetic analysis unmasks dietary targets and genetic liability for diabetic phenotypes. Cell Metab. 21:138-149

Petersen PS, Lei X, Seldin MM, Rodriguez S, Byerly MS, Wolfe A, Whitlock S, Wong GW. (2014) Dynamic and extensive metabolic state-dependent regulation of cytokine expression and circulating levels. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 307:R1458-1470



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Wei Z, Lei X, Pedersen PS, Aja S, and Wong GW. (2014) Targeted deletion of CTRP9 increases food intake, decreases insulin sensitivity, and promotes hepatic steatosis in mice.  Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab.  306:E779-E790

Am Journal of Physiology


Peterson JM, Seldin M,Tan SY, and Wong GW. (2014) CTRP2 overexpression improves insulin and lipid tolerance in diet-induced obese mice.  PLoS One 9(2):e88535 PLOS One


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